Mosquito : SSG + CMS

Static Site Generator and Content Management System.
mosquito is a mini-flyweight Static Site Generator written in PHP that can also be used as simple CMS, it compiles Markdown files into HTML using the folder structure where the files are stored as URL router.

Main Features :

  • Markdown Based. You don't need to know HTML although you can also use it inside your Markdown files.
  • URLs generated using the Folder Structure. The way you store your markdown content files, the way the site will be generated.
  • No configuration and minimal requirements. Just get it and start working with it, you'll only need PHP which is already on your computer if you are on a Mac or Linux system.
  • Easy Theming and Templating. You can create new themes very easily by using the predefined template variables and creating your CSS styles.
  • Multi functional. You can use mosquito as a Static Site Generator or as CMS. The choice is yours.
  • Flat file. There's no database to worry about, your data is the one on the content folder. Portable and legible
  • Easy to Extend. You can easily create new functions / template variables and make them available on your mosquito site.

Requirements :

If you are on a Unix machine (Mac OS X, Linux) you probably won't need anything as your system may come with PHP already bundled. Anyway, basic needs to make mosquito work is PHP, with a version higher or equal to 5.4 to run the built-in server and preview your generated site, and, when using mosquito as CMS, the Apache mod_rewrite is required in order to create friendly URLs.